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Md.Asif Iqbal

Hey! what's up guys.Well my name is Md.Asif Iqbal and you are most welcome to my blog Gehray Alfaaz.
This is my very first blog, after long days of thinking and waiting I came up with this blog which I think you might love it.

This blog is exclusively for beautiful and heart touching quotes, sayings and status.My friend, I have use the word status here is because now a days lot's of people uses quotes and sayings in their social websites or apps as a status.

My main reason to start this blog is to help those people who get frustrated with this busy life and get tired and confused in their relationship and some times they get depressed.So I have tried to bring very heart touching and beautiful words through Gehray Alfaaz, so that they can get into these words and can find some relief and get out of depression.
As I know that when a person is very depressed and feeling very lonely and negative, then only these beautiful words can be their best healer to heal their heart and to come up with good thoughts.Isn't it my friend?
So this was all about me and my blog Gehray Alfaaz.


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